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Alexandra's Playground gets pure satisfaction out of seeing the joy their playgrounds bring to kids faces

Smiles, giggles, and expressions of pure joy were on the faces of the children at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School last year when they saw their new playground for the first time. Their school had waited over 90 years for a playground! Today they climb, play, and explore safely with their friends ...more

Booked Parties does all the planning for your child's birthday, so you don't have to!

"After moving to Westchester in 2012 with two young children, I found myself quickly immersed into the birthday party circuit.  As a newcomer to the area, I relied on referrals from friends or spent my time browsing through social media boards for recommendations when it came to planning my ...more

Simon Says Give: A kid-founded and kid-operated organization that celebrates kids by providing birthday celebrations for those in need.
Picture this, Ben walks into a room to be celebrated for his 7th birthday.  There are family and friends all around.  Some of the family drove for hours to be there to celebrate him.  Ben has certainly had other birthday's - but this one was special.  It was at a location th ...more
Mother's Day - a great reason to get me out of blog retirement!

So Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I haven't written a blog in what feels like 100 yrs.  Why?  Because I am too busy being a mom!  And literally, as I type, my 10 month old is laying on me half asleep and pissed as hell because I am nebulizing him.  Multitasking at its b ...more

The first day of kindergarten - my hopes for my little girl.

Tomorrow I will put my baby girl on the bus as she begins her journey into kindergarten.  I can’t believe she is beginning elementary school - it feels like yesterday when the doctor announced, “It’s a girl!”  Everyone says with a blink of an eye our children gro ...more